Potency  8 / 10 . . . . Lineage / Chems Sister, Sour Dub, Chocolate Diesel . . . . Flavor / Citrus, Pine, Skunk . . . . Positives / Holy body high Batman! Super floaty great relaxing vibes, Mild euphoric head high, Great for night time or lazy days . . . . Heads Up / Body high can be intense and slightly dizzy, Extreme dry mouth then massive couch lock

THC 21.4%   CBD 0.0%   TERP 2.1%

Occasionally when I review a strain I find something that catches me off guard. The body high of this strain is massively satisfying. Serious muscle relaxer vibes going on here. I felt floaty and a touch dizzy, while my muscles felt like they were being mildly massaged. No complaints whatsoever! But just then I realized the beginning of what became an intense battle with cotton mouth versus motivation.

Gorilla Glue #4 comes from three strains, but the notable one and most dominant is Chocolate Diesel. As you can imagine from the name it has a crazy flavor profile. Heavy on the pungent skunk and pine vibe but with an oddly satisfying citrus addition. Reminiscent of those chocolate orange candies.

This one left me feeling blissfully relaxed but willfully melted to my couchy prison of comfort. The body high can be startling —proceed with caution if you are not familiar with this cannabis effect.

Other than the intense dry mouth and drain in motivation, the only negative I could comment on is that folks looking for an intense head high may prefer another choice. However, though I myself prefer intense head highs; I would buy this for my own collection without reservation. If nothing else, for the carnival ride that is the body high effect.  – LGT