Potency  9 / 10 . . . . Lineage / Hybrid Strain . . . . Flavor / Earthy, Piney, Mildly Sweet . . . . Positives / Very potent strain with an amazing flavor and a heavy couch lock high, Dense and slow burning . . . . Heads Up / Slow motor skills, Drowsiness, It may annihilate your less experienced friends

THC 21.7%   CBD 0.8%   TERP 3.0%

This strain is not for the weak. Fast working intense head and body high will surprise, but definitely won’t disappoint.

This is not the strain for those looking to find an energetic, get stuff done sort of buzz. This is a draw the blinds, put on a Hendrix or Dead record, and travel time and space kind of experience. Expect to accomplish a minimal amount under the influence of this beautiful and calming bud.

Flavors of lightly sweet, slightly pine, and a sandalwood like undertone make for a great tasting but lightly harsh smoke. This strain is well suited for water pipes and vaporizers and will last for a while.

This is not the strain to share with Mom or Dad, unless they are looking to feel mildly sedated without pharmaceuticals. Because of the sedation effect, this standout strain is a great choice for use before bed. Use it in the morning only if you wish to risk calling in “sick”.

For experienced users this is a great choice when you’re tired of looking for something to excite you. This is a knockout punch with a sleeper hold finish. See you on the other side.  – LGT