Potency  7 / 10 . . . . Lineage / Willys Wonder, Grand Daddy Purple, White Widow . . . . Flavor / Earthy, Sweet, Skunky . . . . Positives / Quick head change, deep high but energetic, heavy head high . . . . Heads Up / Munchies, cottonmouth

THC 20.0%   CBD 0.4%   TERP 4.0%

A great choice for a daytime smoke that won’t sap your energy. A strongly euphoric head high (potency is a 7/10), which comes on quickly but won’t have you cancelling your plans.

This strain is great for creativity and attitude. Those who love a great strain for hiking or any other physical activity would very much enjoy. The flavor profile is heavily sweet with an earthy soil undertone and a skunky finish.

Do be careful, bring a snack on that hike. This strain has a wicked appetite boosting effect that should be planned for. Great for those who need something to kick in and help their appetite.

Possible downside: this strain can cause cottonmouth, and for newer cannabis users may be a bit strong due to the deepness of the euphoric effect. Newer users are recommended to start with a small amount and wait a bit to feel the effects before using more.

An excellent hybrid 50/50 sativa/indica strain with truly uplifting qualities, great taste, incredible terpene profile and a potent effect—recommended for use all day and night.  – LGT