Potency  8.5 / 10 . . . . Lineage / Blue Dream, Mountain Girl . . . . Flavor / Sweet, Floral, Earthy with a surprising and pleasant citrus after taste . . . . Positives / Exceptionally smooth smoke, Quick acting high, Burns very slow . . . . Heads Up / Light sensitivity, Cotton mouth

THC 16.8%   CBD 0.0%   TERP 3.2%

Finally we get a hybrid that captures all the best traits of Blue Dream, but adds nice bulk and quality to the typically lighter and airy bud. Let this one make you a believer again!

Slow burning and very smooth to smoke, this new take on an old favorite gets everything right. This is an example of breeding done well, and for a specific purpose.

The same smell and flavor you love has been bred into near perfection by Pilot Farm. I thoroughly enjoyed this strain, and found that no matter how I consumed it, it was quite pleasant and consistent. Pre-rolls and pipes were super fast acting and lasted for my extended enjoyment. Vaporizers really made the flavors pop and reminded me of what I first loved about Blue Dream. I believe this would make an amazing extract product as well.

This is a great social smoke, no paranoia or self conscious effects at all. Although I wouldn’t call it energetic, it didn’t sap any energy either. It’s also great for those new to cannabis, as it’s relatively easy to smoke and due to the immediate effects it’s also easy to know when you’ve reached that perfect level of enjoyment.

I can’t recommend this one enough. This hybrid is a true accomplishment and improvement to an already massively popular strain.  – LGT