Potency  8 / 10 . . . . Lineage / Hybrid Strain . . . . Flavor / Sweet Pine . . . . Positives / Super effective pain reliever and very effective for inflammation, THC effects mostly body related . . . . Heads Up / A touch harsh to smoke in a pipe or pre-roll, Heavy on the lungs

THC 20.0%   CBD 0.0%   TERP 2.1%

Starman is a mighty strain who’s medicinal and pain killing effects can be felt quickly. When reviewing these type of strains I typically wait until I’ve had a rather taxing physical day before sampling. This time around I’d come off a wicked head cold which left pain in my ribs and neck from sneezing and congestion. I’d also developed a killer headache from lack of sleep. 

Starman tastes sweet, reminiscent of a smooth perfectly mixed gin and tonic, or a delightful candy made from pine needles. I’d highly recommend a vaporizer as this can be a touch heavy on the lungs.

I noticed quick results for inflammation relief. My neck was intensely tight and this symptom went away within ten minutes. Around 20 minutes in, my pain lessened from a solid 6 to around a manageable 1 on a 10 scale. My headache was mildly reduced, but I experienced more pain relief than anything. The speed of its effects impressed me. Even pain pills can’t kick in this fast. Another vantage point for herbal medicine.

I also found it easy to dose myself properly. One small pipe bowl did wonders. I up dosed about two hours later with a small pre-roll right before bed and found it relaxing and soothing. This strain is perfect for medicinal pain relief with a nice relaxing body effect, and its pleasant flavor makes it a stand out.  – LGT