Potency  8 / 10 . . . . Lineage / Hybrid Strain . . . . Flavor / Spicy Lemon, Pine . . . . Positives / Pain relief, Deep high, Good for nerves . . . . Heads Up / Heavy cotton mouth

THC / 13.3%   CBD 1.9%   TERP 1.9%

Trainwreck is a staple strain. Most smokers have tried it and most agree it's a very heady strain known for its potency. Pilot Farm’s version is no exception to the rule, and yet I noticed a stronger lemon flavor in their sample than I typically do with this strain.

This old sturdy train chugs down the rails with no breaks, and it’s quite the ride. You’ll notice this strain has a numbing effect that’s great for pain relief, without a sleepy vibe. It’s strong but not too sedating and therefore can be used for pain even in the morning or mid day.

It is much more pleasant in a vaporizer or bong, which I recommend highly for newer smokers. Don’t fill up that bong too much with smoke however, as this strain induces a heavy cough if not treated with some restraint. 

It also has a nice relaxation effect, which lends itself to treating symptoms of anxiety or bad moods. Expect strong cotton mouth on this train ride, so come prepared for that.

A great trusted classic strain that was obviously grown with great care. All aboard!  – LGT