Bio-dynamics, sustainability, and genetic diversity are core tenets of Pilot Farm. Completely pesticide-free and adding nutrients sparingly when necessary, we rely on sun, native soil, farm-made compost teas, and the smallest level of intervention possible—letting the plants fully express themselves in their natural environment.



Entirely grown from seed, no two plants are exactly alike. Genetic diversity promotes hardy, strong, pest resistant and drought tolerant cultivars. Proprietary genetic crosses germinated and nurtured on-site at our high elevation mountainside farm produce complex, terpene rich, diverse and balanced strains—creating the distinction that is Pilot Farm.


OUTDOOR—Fully exposed to all elements and seasons - the wind, rain, snow, sun, and earth.  /  BIODYNAMICS—Ritual, intention, and respect for the interrelation between the natural and the cosmic.  /  PERMACULTURE—Working with, rather than against nature, in development of ecological systems that treat the entire farm as one organism living in harmony with the natural world.  /  NUTRIENT DENSITY—The minerals needed to promote health within plants and humans are present and balanced within the richness of the soil.  /  NATURAL STATE—No forcing the plants into unnatural states - they are what and where they want to be - allowing each flower to express itself from the terroir, not from man-made substances.  /  AMENDMENTS—Compost teas are created on the farm and used sparingly. The mixture of organic matter and beneficial microorganisms build healthy soil and plants; no need for chemical fertilizers or pesticides.  /  CLEAN GREEN CERTIFIED— Accreditation and accountability of non-pesticide farming practices and organic compliance.


Terroir (ter-warh) represents the environmental factors that create the unique character of our cannabis — influencing flavor, aroma, terpene production, and adding the enchantment that is specific to our Southern Oregon, high elevation home.

LOCATION—Outside Ashland between 3,800 and 4,500ft elevation. The hot days and cold nights present a dryness in the air that only a completely outdoor cannabis farm can appreciate.  /  SUN—Being elevated, our plants experience high solar intensity, which results in the production of terpenes and trichomes that push harder, protect, adapt and create flowers with amazing fluorescence.  /  SOIL— A steep canyon of minerally rich, boulder abundant, thriving native soil, created millions of years ago by the planet, adds a unique complexity to our cannabis that stands alone.  /  AIR—An ever present mountain breeze strengthens our cannabis and provides natural forces against molds and bacteria.  /  WATER—Our on-site well sources the same naturally-tuned water that has always fed the mountain and its living things.




Grown with decades of experience in cannabis, fruits, vegetables and flowers, our core team has their hands on each plant from seed to package — assuring quality, consistency and sustainability, in harmony with Nature’s calendar.


SEEDING—Select seeds are germinated in our greenhouse.  /  PLANTING—directly in the mineral rich earth, the plants mature into their own self, in their own time. 

—  watchful patience  —


PRUNING—promotes healthy air flow and flower formation.  /  BREEDING—The change in daylight hours triggers our plants to start flowering; at which time select male pollen is applied by paintbrush to choice female flower.

—  an exciting time  —



HARVEST—Only when the individual flowers show us that they are ready, do we begin our methodical, slow approach to harvesting each cultivar.  /  CURING—Custom cure sheds allow the unique characteristics of the flower, strain and terroir to fully come through and shine.

—  harvest party  —


TRIMMING—Hand trimmed A-Grade is done with artisanal eyes in our trim house overlooking the steep terraced cannabis canyon.  /  PACKAGING—Nitro-flushed and vacuum-sealed for optimal freshness all year long.

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