Say Hello to our Little Friends



FOR 2018 — INTRODUCING Harvest '17, entirely grown from seed and further embracing the genetic diversity and complex cultivars unique to the terroir that is Pilot Farm — a sustainable, high elevation mountain farm of sun-grown craft cannabis rooted in native soil on a steep canyon overlooking the Colestin Valley in Southern Oregon. 


Original Pilot Farm cross (Willy’s Wonder x Granddaddy Purple x White Widow) and her derivatives uplift with woodsy, earthy aromas and are noted for improving mood and front-loading creative vibrations. Cultivars for '17 include Mountain Girl x Blue Dream  .  x Grape Ape  .  x Grapefruit Diesel  .  x Lemon Kush  .  x Sour Diesel




Astronauts Wife  .  Bright Light   Canna Tsu . Harlequin  .  Lemurian  .  Mtn Girl Grapefruit  .  Mtn Girl Sour  .  Royal Blue Durban  .  Soccer Mom  .  Starman  .  Sweet & Sour Widow


Crafted for a meditative balance, these terpene rich cultivars purposely provide only subtle adjustment — so you can confidently maintain awareness and presence throughout the day.  

Let the Good Times Roll



Yes, we’ve taken our sweet, sweet time to get this right — to perfect our own premium farm-made pre-rolls, filled with the best of Pilot Farm, for everyone who believes in the craft and care of cannabis. 

Precision-milled and tamped directly from freshly opened A-Grade Flower bags (heat sealed, nitrogen flushed, humidity controlled, non-permeable), we present seven fine-tuned Jennys, standing proudly together in a custom recyclable craft tube, each ready to answer the call Let The Good Times Roll.


High Elevation Farming in Cannabis Canyon



Dope, September 2017  /  Sprawled across 80 acres along a mountainside, at an elevation of 4800 feet, Pilot Farm lies within an unpredictable ecosystem that would send many cannabis cultivators running to their indoor grow. For brothers Matthew and Christopher Dolinar, however, this challenge is part of the appeal. Their biodynamic Mt. Ashland farm is at the heart of their mission to put sustainable agriculture first—and to change the way people think about sun-grown cannabis... ( read more )


Extractly What We're Talking About



PF x Chalice Farms  /  We're more than excited to announce our partnership with our friends at Chalice Farms. Bringing the same care and expertise to the extraction process that we grow and show our flower, the folks at Chalice have made available our sun grown, earth made, Clean Green Certified flower in the convenience of a cartridge. 

So next time you're at Chalice, if Pilot Farm isn't shown, it's not Pilot Farm Grown.


Caught Walking the Walk



Cultivation Classic 2017  /  The world's only cannabis competition exclusively for ethically-grown product free of pesticides — defining craft while celebrating and supporting a community working towards the development of leading edge regenerative farming practices in Oregon.

Dedicated to agricultural sustainability and earthly respect, Pilot Farm is honored to take home the 2017 Award for Innovation in our first year of note; a very sweet reminder of one of our core principles — kindness makes the kindest.

We Are Grateful



The Oregon cannabis industry has created an environment that we can thrive in. With passion we work with our farm, land, and soil in a way that we feel connected. Our understanding is reflected in every cannabis flower we produce for market and showcases the nutrient-dense and bio-diverse native soil, mountain water, and optimal sun-grown conditions of Southern Oregon, season after season

. . . and continues to create long-term benefits for the environment. With soil, water, and sun advocacy, the cannabis community outside Ashland is well positioned to be at the forefront of the modern-day sustainable agriculture movement. We invite you to come on a journey with us. As we say on the farm — Almost There.

Mtn Girl Lemon and a Martini



The night is young, the bowl is full, time to get inspired. Work on the plans, we got the drink. With thanks to Stoner Magazine and Jared Masters, the smell and taste of our sun grown Mtn Girl Lemon (Mtn Girl x Lemon Kush) has been selected to have its own deliciously curated pairing  /  Cheers 

2oz Grey Goose Vodka . 1oz sweet white Vermouth . Squeeze of lemon and lime . Fresh muddled blueberries and raspberries . Shake and strain into chilled martini glass . Garnish with lemon and lime wheels and blueberries

Mtn Girl and The Making of Things



Cultivar Pick, April 2017  /  What To Smoke When You Want To Make Things?  With a nose of sweet licorice, floral and pine on the tongue, Mountain Girl, a noted Pilot Farm cross of Granddaddy Purple and an unnamed mother bred from Willy's Wonder and White Widow, delivers an alert buzz mixed with a deep euphoria and a happy vibe that is excellent for creative musings and movements. Who's In?