Flower Picks, Willamette Week  /  Call it "the flavor of weather." It's a story told in taste—one of plants surviving against, and harmonizing with, the elements. It's an ineffable quality I've come to appreciate more and more with each sungrown season as uniquely delicious outdoor flower options make their way to dispensary shelves across the state. Sugarwolf is one such weather-kissed weed: The scent is like warm bubblegum, with a sharp nail-polish note. Sweet, peppery and smooth when smoked, it suggests just-spun, watermelon-flavored cotton candy on the exhale.

Sugarwolf is all in your head. A few hits will summon happy feels that other cultivars only match after bowls and joints. It's a big, euphoric stress reliever that gets giggly, stupefying and slow in larger doses, with only minor body notes. Lay a blanket out in a sunny place (it's spring, after all) and roll one of this stuff. You won't regret it... ( read more )