FOR 2018 — INTRODUCING Harvest '17, entirely grown from seed and further embracing the genetic diversity and complex cultivars unique to the terroir that is Pilot Farm — a sustainable, high elevation mountain farm of sun-grown craft cannabis rooted in native soil on a steep canyon overlooking the Colestin Valley in Southern Oregon. 


Original Pilot Farm cross (Willy’s Wonder x Granddaddy Purple x White Widow) and her derivatives uplift with woodsy, earthy aromas and are noted for improving mood and front-loading creative vibrations. Cultivars for '17 include Mountain Girl x Blue Dream  .  x Grape Ape  .  x Grapefruit Diesel  .  x Lemon Kush  .  x Sour Diesel




Astronauts Wife  .  Bright Light   Canna Tsu . Harlequin  .  Lemurian  .  Mtn Girl Grapefruit  .  Mtn Girl Sour  .  Royal Blue Durban  .  Soccer Mom  .  Starman  .  Sweet & Sour Widow


Crafted for a meditative balance, these terpene rich cultivars purposely provide only subtle adjustment — so you can confidently maintain awareness and presence throughout the day.