PF x Quill  / Enjoy the terpene rich, high elevation mountain cultivated cannabis of Pilot Farm with the ease, discreteness and controlled dosage of the transformative Quill vaporizer. 

Now available pre-loaded with 750mg of Pilot Farm's finest, purely extracted. Out now or soon to be:  Mtn Girl Lemon (now!)  .  Lambs in Space  .  Telenovela  .  Starman  .  Mountain Girl

Tucked away for local travel, brought along for a puff before dinner, and part of the keys-wallet-phone coterie of must-have items grabbed before leaving the house, the Quill is a vaporizer pen for everyone. 300 puffs of pure terpene rich cannabis extract in a stainless steel pen.

When your Quill has emptied, bring it back to your point-of-sale* to recycle the medical-grade stainless steel housing (packaging is paper-based and recyclable at home) and receive a discount on your next Quill purchase. *Only available at participating retail... please ask to recycle.