PF x Swell Co.  /  We sure are pleased to announce our friendship with the sweet folks at Swell! Because they focus on the quality, complexity and the integrity of the raw flower, the unique aroma and cannabinoid expression of each enchanting Pilot Farm cultivar shines through in fullness, becoming the embodiment within every drop of extracted product.

Welcome a new way to feel our sun grown, earth made, high altitude Clean Green Certified cultivars; now available (or soon to be) through Dab Society and Hood Oil.  Grown with good, extracted through excellence.    

Sugar Queen  .  Space Train  .  Blue Cheese  .  Blackjack  .  Jesus OG  .  Jack Skellington  .  Super Silver Haze  .  Sugarwolf  .  Jillybean  .  Phantom Cookies  .  Durban Diesel  .  Mtn Girl Grape  .  Manna Gooey  .  Super Sour Diesel